Autumn Equinox Renewal Ritual

ritual Sep 21, 2020

Fall is here and this is the perfect time to reflect on the year (the "harvest), see what has worked, what needs adjusting, and to take some action towards creating and manifesting all that we want to experience and achieve. 

Here are the 3 steps of my favorite renewal ritual for the fall, or anytime life needs a bit of adjusting.

1. REVIEW what is in balance and what is out of balance in your life and make a list of each. Celebrate all that feels aligned and in flow, and put your energy towards revamping what needs to be shifted.

2. RE-ENVISION take a closer look at what is out of balance and spend some quality time visualizing what you would like that to look like in your life.

3. RE-ENERGIZE write at least 3 steps of action that you will take (starting today) to ensure that what is out of balance begins working FOR you and is thriving.


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