100 Days of Soul Play

An invitation to achieve bucket list dreams while experiencing your life and the world around you through a fresh, adventurous, and mindful lens.

What you'll receive when you sign up for 100 Days of Soul Play:

  • 100 days of Soul Play made available daily, one day at a time.
  • Daily Soul Notes that include prompts, practices, tools, notes, reflections, and inspiration to connect you deeper to yourself while achieving your Soul Play bucket list.
  • You will create more joy, more depth, more love, more light, more fun and the world will open for you in ways you can't even imagine in this moment.

Join the global community now experiencing Soul Play! I believe everyone deserves access to have mindfulness and growth. So, 100 Days of Soul Play is offered starting at just $11. There is also an option to pay more, if you would like to and are able to at this time, your contribution goes towards making this course accessible to all and is very appreciated!


$11.00 USD or more