$165.00 USD

Reiki Energy Healing Session

Reiki is an ancient form of healing with layers of benefits for recipients. In our session, we meet virtually to connect and talk, then you will receive distance reiki (meditation style lying down), and we connect at the end of the session to share what intuitively came up during the healing and practices to continue balancing your energy.

When to book a reiki healing session and why:

  • When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, reiki works to calm your nervous system through deep relaxation and energy balancing.
  • For physical healing, reiki unblocks energy centers, allowing healing energy to flow to where it is needed.
  • During times of grief and loss, reiki can balance emotions and can be deeply spiritually connecting.
  • If you are facing life transition, relationship changes, or career decisions, reiki is grounding and opening for your intuition, giving you clarity in your mind, body, and heart.
  • If you are on a fertility journey, reiki can be focused on womb healing.
  • If you are healing trauma, reiki releases blocks and we add a layer of protection for optimal healing and self-care. 

If you have any questions about reiki healing, email me. Reiki packages available.