Private & Group Coaching with Julie Skon

"Only by a fortunate stroke of serendipity did I happen upon Julie Skon. At a time when my life when nothing seemed to go my way, her calming voice guided me in a meditation that brought me momentary peace. However short or long ago that is now, she's been guiding me since. Her presence is peace, her way love. Rarely do we have the good fortune to meet someone who's countenance alone can change a day's perspective. Julie is more than a life coach; she's a soul guide." - D.M. private coaching client

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Private Coaching

In coaching, we work together to actualize your life goals and dreams. We breakthrough the breakdowns, we identify and heal past trauma to release self-limiting beliefs when necessary, we create lifestyle practices that allow you to thrive and make powerful and clear decisions in important areas of your life, you will unlock any mental, physical, and emotional blocks, and you will gain a foundation of mindfulness tools and practices to powerfully navigate your life. Please contact me with questions about coaching. Financial assistance available. 


Group Coaching

Great things happen in groups! I am currently offering group coaching sessions in the following areas: health, grief, creative project achievement, life dream actualization, and money and career growth. Group sizes are 3-6 people. Gather your friends or contact me for group creation.

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"Julie has made such an impact on my life that it's difficult to know where to begin. After completing a 12-week life coaching course, it's clear Julie has a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and life experience to share. Her kindness and vulnerability create a safe space, allowing you to truly open up and be your authentic self, so essential for transformation. Julie guided me expertly through a trauma healing session, helping me release emotions and reframe a particularly painful event. During the course, I've met several key goals, and most importantly, Julie has helped me develop more emotional vulnerability. What a gift! Whatever your goals, ambitions, or constraints, Julie will help you meet them or release whatever's holding you back. Thank you, Julie. You're an angel!"

Private Coaching Testimonial

"My 20-week trauma healing program with Julie was a complete game changer, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only did we address childhood trauma at face value, she encouraged me to dig deeper at the imprints of those wounds. We were able to piece together and unlock self-deprecating behaviors today, that persisted years later due to what transpired in childhood. It was truly fascinating and more importantly, empowering. Julie's compassionate approach helped me heal through severe familial losses and approach things in a new way. Never have I ever felt more comfortable in who I am and more calm in the face of trauma triggers. I'm so grateful for Julie and the gift of renewed peace I have through her work. "

Private Coaching Testimonial

"I'm shocked at how much I've evolved and have been able to accomplish over the last 10 weeks! Julie just has a beautiful way about her that naturally brings out the best in you. It is evident through her passion, empathy, knowledge, and extensive experience that she is able to coach you into living your dream, today!"

Private Coaching Testimonial

Are you ready for coaching? People work with me for many reasons, from trauma healing to balance-seeking, to improving physical health and energy, to gaining clarity in relationships, making powerful career shifts, understanding self-care and spiritual growth, to release fears and blocks, to create a foundation of meditation and mindfulness, and so much more! And...very often our sessions include all of the above!

Here are some examples of my client goals and my coaching session approach:

  • CLIENT GOAL: "I know I have past trauma that I want to heal because it seems to keep coming up for me and I can't seem to work through it." SESSION: We will have a Trauma Healing Session to heal your subconscious and release the emotions of the trauma. This will allow you to release the past and powerfully reframe your mindset for the present moment.
  • CLIENT GOAL: "I want to feel and look my best self, but I don't even know where to begin and I have a hard time sticking to any diet or workout plan" SESSION: We work together to create a balanced wellness and nourishment approach to your day that excites you and energizes you versus depletion.
  • CLIENT GOAL: "I am having a hard time in my relationship. We are talking about divorce, or breaking up, and communication is breaking down. SESSION: We will have a session to powerfully handle your upsets, to gain decision making clarity, and to set up boundaries for healthy communication.
  • CLIENT GOAL: "I want to create abundance for myself, stop stressing about my finances, and love my job. SESSION:  You will have a Money Breakthrough session to release money blocks in your subconscious and  then create a plan to achieve your ideal career and financial goals. 
  • CLIENT GOAL: "I want to be a better version of myself. I want to learn more about mindfulness and spirituality and I am just not sure how to incorporate it into my life." SESSION: I will give you practices, tools, rituals, and reading to enhance your knowledge and experience of presence, mindfulness, and spirituality. This could include: meditation, self-love practices, morning routines, gratitude, energy healing, and so much more. 
  • CLIENT GOAL: "I have a big dream of finishing a creative project (writing a book, music album, screenplay, painting, etc.) but I am not dedicating my time to it. Can you help?" SESSION: Balance is everything. I will help you take a very close look at how your time is spent and to carve out the time needed to complete your project and feel incredible about it." 

There are multiple ways to work with me as your coach from a private 6 month program, to group coaching, and one-on-one individual sessions. Contact me to set up a FREE 15 minute coaching exploration call.


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