Are you ready to transform your life and make your wildest dreams come true?

Welcome to W.I.L.D+ private life coaching with Julie Skon 

We Ignite Life Dreams || Fall Coaching begins the week of September 20th space is limited

Are you ready to make a life dream come true?

Are you ready to achieve powerful and transformational balance in 11 vital areas of your life?

Are you ready to have the time and space to do the activities that you love, to have thriving relationships, to feel healthy and energized from the moment you wake up in the morning?

Are you ready to have clarity, to make commitments and stick to them, to learn powerful tools to handle stress and upsets, to make bold decisions, to set boundaries, and to fall wildly in love with your life in a new way all while taking steps to achieve a life's dream?

What you will experience with W.I.L.D.+ coaching:

12 weeks of private W.I.L.D.+ coaching with Julie Skon. This includes making a big dream declaration and taking steps towards it each week with full support to achieve it AND life design coaching - where you will be gaining clarity on what is important to you, creating balance in 11 areas of your left, setting weekly goals, and learning a new life tool weekly to support you in thriving.

A quick snapshot of your coaching program. *keep in mind, each week is customized for YOU to optimally support your journey. This includes trauma healing when needed, handling upsets, making decisions, and tackling any blocks that come up through this process. 

Week 1 - Big Dream Declaration, goal setting, and in-depth Day mapping. 1 hour

Week 2 - Creating time for YOU // self-love 30 min

Week 3 - Your Relationship Needs, Wants, and Values // love of others 30 min

Week 4 - Energize your life // Movement & Nutrition 30 min

Week 5 -  You are what you think // Mindset 30 min

Week 6 - Creating a Soul Space // Physical Environment 30 min

Week 7 - Money Mindset // Abundance Creation 30 min

Week 8 - Handling Upsets and Make Bold Decisions // Communication 30 min

Week 9 - Joy Finding // Creative Expression 30 min

Week 10 - Social Life // Community 30 min

Week 11 - I AM statement and identity // living in purpose 30 min

Week 12 - Overview of accomplishments and W.I.L.D. celebration 30 min

Price: $1,111 before September 1st $1500 after 

These coaching sessions begin at the start of each season. Space is limited. Sign up now for Fall 2021 - sessions begin the week of September 20th, 2021 


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