RISE is my personal collection of 50 mini mindful morning meditations interwoven with inspiring quotes from thought-leaders around the world. These meditations were created to inspire deeper connection within, to reduce stress, to increase present-moment awareness, and for you to set the tone in the morning for how you want your day to flow. NOW AVAILABLE on Kindle & Hardcover!


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W.I.L.D. is a my free weekly coaching program that stands for We Ignite Life Dreams. We meet weekly virtually on Mondays at noon PST and set goals seasonally and weekly. 

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Coaching with Julie Skon

Since you have found yourself here, your breakthrough is calling and is ready for you! I work with clients privately and in groups who are ready to create dynamic transformation in their lives mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sessions are always centered around your needs, and may include: trauma healing, reframing self-limited beliefs, BIG goal setting and achievement, powerfully handling transitions and upsets, abundance making breakthroughs, decision-making clarity, physical healing, business and creative development, ideal day planning, and I will give you life-changing tools and practices to optimize your growth. See current options below and contact me for our complimentary 30 minute coaching discovery call.

"Julie has made such an impact on my life that it's difficult to know where to begin. After completing a 12-week life coaching course, it's clear Julie has a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and life experience to share. Her kindness and vulnerability create a safe space, allowing you to truly open up and be your authentic self, so essential for transformation. Julie guided me expertly through a trauma healing session, helping me release emotions and reframe a particularly painful event. During the course, I've met several key goals, and most importantly, Julie has helped me develop more emotional vulnerability. What a gift! Whatever your goals, ambitions, or constraints, Julie will help you meet them or release whatever's holding you back. Thank you, Julie. You're an angel!"


"My 20 week trauma healing program with Julie was a complete game changer, and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Not only did we address childhood trauma at face value, she encouraged me to dig deeper at the imprints of those wounds. We were able to piece together and unlock self-deprecating behaviours today, that persisted years later due to what transpired in childhood. It was truly fascinating and more importantly, empowering. Julie's compassionate approach helped me heal through severe familial losses and approach things in a new way. Never have I ever felt more comfortable in who I am and more calm in the face of trauma triggers. I'm so grateful for Julie and the gift of renewed peace I have through her work. "


"I'm shocked at how much I've evolved and have been able to accomplish over the last 10 weeks! Julie just has a beautiful way about her that naturally brings out the best in you. It is evident through her passion, empathy, knowledge, and extensive experience that she is able to coach you into living your dream, today!"

"This was really powerful. So many of your meditations have brought strong emotion to the surface, feelings I didn't realize I was hiding - even from myself! Thank you for opening my mind and heart to a better more authentic self."

"One session has lifted a trauma that happened in my past that was stopping me from moving forward in my personal and professional life. This Strategy is very powerful. Julie was very supportive throughout she was encouraging kind and empathetic allowing me to open up in a safe environment."

Trauma Healing Session

"I will gently guide you through mind + body + heart + spiritual breakthroughs. My goal is for you to be WILD about your life, free of the past, empowered by your future, and grounded and excited about today." - Julie



Meditation Magic

Learn how to make meditation work for you. 11 weeks + 11 meditations + 11  rituals + 11 transformations. $333



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