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"I'm shocked at how much I've evolved and have been able to accomplish over the last 10 weeks! Julie just has a beautiful way about her that naturally brings out the best in you. It is evident through her passion, empathy, knowledge, and extensive experience that she is able to coach you into living your dream, today!"

Coaching Client

""This was really powerful. So many of your meditations have brought strong emotion to the surface, feelings I didn't realize I was hiding - even from myself! Thank you for opening my mind and heart to a better more authentic self." "

5 Minute Meditation Participant

"One session has lifted a trauma that happened in my past that was stopping me from moving forward in my personal and professional life. This Strategy is very powerful. Julie was very supportive throughout she was encouraging kind and empathetic allowing me to open up in a safe environment."

Trauma Healing Session

Life, Wellness, and Trauma Healing Coaching.

Are you ready to live presently in a life that you lead and wildly love?

Are you ready to heal trauma and experience freedom within your mind, body, and soul?

Are you ready to create balance within all areas of your life that drives happiness and success?

You intuitively know when you are ready for coaching and to powerfully and passionately have support in your healing and thriving journey. 

I work with you 100% confidentially to guide you through a process of releasing past pain and trauma from your subconscious in order to reframe and reclaim your truth and values in 11 areas of your life.

Coaching is a 10 session commitment where we meet via zoom weekly or bi-weekly. You will heal, learn, grow, set and achieve life goals and dreams and you will connect deeply with yourself and with the world around you.  

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