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Ho'oponopono | A Hawaiian Meditation Practice to Release Energetic Blocks and Clean the Slate

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

 Ho'oponopono | MY RITUELLE of the week

At the recent suggestion of a very intuitive friend, I began practicing the ancient Hawaiian ritualistic meditation, Ho'oponopono. Ho'oponopono translates to "make things right". It is a practice to clean the mindset slate and bring energy back into balance through apologetic ownership, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. In Ho'oponopono you repeat in your mind (or say out loud) "I am sorry", "Please forgive me", "Thank you", "I love you". 

When I first began to practice Ho'oponopono I was surprised at the emotions that came up when directing an apology and forgiveness towards myself. I was feeling stuck and being very hard on myself before this practice, but relief and a new sense of ease quickly followed. The beauty and the meaning of the words seem to release mindset and energetic blocks that I was unaware that I was carrying. I also saw that new opportunities quickly began to flow my way, while my values and boundaries became more clear after just a day of Ho'oponopono meditation. 

MY RITUELLE challenge of the week is to practice Ho'oponopono for 5 minutes a day and please share your experience and how it goes for you.

How to Practice Ho'oponopono for 5 Minutes a Day

1. Set a timer for 5 minutes

2. Get comfortable 

3. Close your eyes and repeat these phrases in your mind or out loud

I am Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank you

I Love You

4. Direct these words first to yourself and then to others if you desire

5. Saying and repeating these words is enough to release energetic blocks and clean your slate for NEW energy to come into your life

6. Comment below and share how this practice goes for you



Julie Skon is a life & trauma healing coach, conscious wellness brand founder, author, and speaker.
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