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How to Create a Consciously Cozy Corner in Your Home

home mind Oct 05, 2022

Autumn has arrived and has brought with it a palpable inner shift. The energetic-filled days of summer are over, the daylight hours are shortening, the air is cooling, and there is a natural desire emerging from the subconscious mind - a calling to create a cozy and warm living space.

Cozy corners are the nooks of our homes that we gravitate towards. They are the special places where the light falls just right and our favorite blanket awaits us to wrap ourselves within. They are the lazy-boy chairs or the meditation pillows, the favorite place at the dining table or that one sweet spot that let's you see perfectly outside of your window.

Cozy corners look different for everyone and every space, that is what makes them so special and unique. However, the underlying thread that connects all cozy corners is that they naturally bring healing, they inspire us to unwind, to nourish our minds and bodies with relaxation, to connect deeper within and with the moment - to slow down. And, that, is exactly the feeling that Autumn is naturally calling for us to innately create.

With this overwhelming urge and need to get cozy, I have spent the last couple of weeks reinventing my cozy corner with my favorite Autumn finds from mindful and conscious brands from around the world. Each maker, each designer, creates layers of social good through their brand, and I have to say, that just having an intention to make my space more special and calm with brands that do social good has had an uplifting mindful impact on my days.

Below, I have included my favorite items from conscious brands to include in a cozy corner below. You can also shop the entire MY RITUELLE Autumn collection here (and celebrate the launch of my store with me)!

How to Create a Consciously Cozy Corner in your Home

The first step to your Cozy Corner creation is to pick the special place. If you don't already know where exactly, or you are in the mood to mix it up, explore different areas of your space and answer these questions: Where in your home do you love to be? Where does the light land just perfectly? Is there a window you like to be near or is one area more quiet than another? Spend some time in a few spaces, close your eyes and tap into how each makes you feel. Intuitively, you will know what space is ready to be your cozy corner.

The next step, it to carefully choose the elements that are important for you to have within your cozy space. Clutter creates chaos in our minds, so keep it simple, clean, and with meaning for you. In my personal cozy corner I have a comfortable chair, a soft blanket, a candle, aromatherapy body oil that smells so good, my journal, and a plant that I love.

Below, I share my top 5 elements of this season to include in a cozy corner for inspiration and to shop if you would like. Each item comes from conscious humans ad brands and you will create layers of social good with each purchase. Shop below, explore these mindful brands, and send me a picture when your cozy corner is complete!

 5 Elements from Conscious Brands to Include in Your Cozy Corner

Cozy Alpaca Carmel Throw Blanket by Slate & Salt $280  

Calm and Comfort Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser by Sweet Water Decor $28

 Self-Care Planner by Simple Self $30

Sana Meditation Oil by Among the Flowers $20+

Deco mug $49

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Julie Skon is a life & trauma healing coach, conscious wellness brand founder, author, and speaker.
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