Join me in a 21-day guided mindset detox.

You will cleanse, heal, and vibrantly awaken your mindset through daily practices, actions, methods, and rituals that empower you, your relationships, and your life. 

When you sign up, your detox will immediately become available for you to begin! Once you start, new content will become available to you daily, as you complete each day. 

$111 *includes a private 30 minute coaching call


Jennifer E.

"Julie's 21 Day Mindset Detox was a perfect little slice of daily mindset training to help me stay more present and focused with intention. She has such an empathetic, calming aura that just dissolves your worries, empowers you to control your triggers, and realigns you with your purpose. When I get overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, Julie is my daily panacea!"

In just 21 days you will...

DETOX and cleanse your mindset of thought patterns that aren't serving you.

HEAL from trauma affecting your subconscious and current mindset. You will also learn the powerful skill of handling current upsets, problems, and questions you are facing. 

CREATE TIME AND SPACE FOR YOURSELF - You will implement a daily practice of self-care (includes meditation, exercise, writing...whatever you love).

LEARN TOOLS and RITUALS - you will gain life-long tools and implement rituals to enhance your life.

COACHING - Your course includes a 30-minute private coaching call with me and unlimited coaching support via email. 

*this course is online to be flexible with your best timing, begin when it is best for you!


Who should MINDSET DETOX? EVERYONE! But more specifically...

  • Are you looking for clarity on an important life decision (relationship, career, purpose, wellness..all of it)
  • Do you want to empower your thinking habits?
  • Do you want to become more present?
  • Do you ever find yourself in negative thought patterns?
  • Are you currently needing to heal and are ready to give yourself the time and space to do so?
  • Do you want to implement vibrant self-care in your daily routine?
  • Do you have self-limiting beliefs that you are ready to throw away?
  • Are you ready to empower yourself through your thoughts?
  • Are you ready to heal from past pain and disappointments to create new powerful declarations for yourself?
  • Are you ready to do something transformative for yourself?
I'm in! SIGN ME UP