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A life-long dream of mine has been to write from my heart and publish books that help at least one other person (hopefully more, but I have always said, if this helps just one other - that is enough for me to do it). My first release is titled unbroken (Dec 2021) and is a very personal account of my true story told through poetry about love and loss to gun violence. My second book (June 2022) is a collection of 50 mini morning mindful meditations that I wrote over the span of 1 year. This book is also very personal to me, but I share with you my favorite meditations to create a foundation of gratitude, being present, connected, and to spark joy in the morning. I hope you enjoy them!

RISE: mini mindful morning meditations

NEW RELEASE! RISE: 50 mini mindful morning meditations interwoven with inspiring quotes from thought-leaders around the world. 



"The poetry of unbroken delicately and achingly takes readers through debut author Julie Skon's vulnerable true story of finding young love, experiencing tragic loss to gun violence, the pain of grief, and the journey of seeking healing."

This poetry collection creatively weaves together a story that comes alive and evokes feelings of deep love, an understanding of the depths of grief, and the desire for a path to heal.


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